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Sierra Chart: Risk Manager Screen

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Sierra Chart: Risk Manager Screen

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This chartbook is a risk manager layout which summarizes the risk and results intraday.

Use case: Share your trading screen or alert log with a riskmanager/trading partner/stream. Stream the window through an app such as Discord screen share or accountability partner. Keep an eye on various risk metrics yourself. Use this chartbook to monitor various performance metrics real time, with clear visuals.

For monitoring:

  • within max position size
  • daily loss limit approaching warning alert
  • daily loss limit triggered alert
  • runup/drawdown monitor
  • PNL monitor

Easy to add additional alerts based on trading activity.

How to Access Your Newly Downloaded Chartbooks

Download any files following the checkout page, and ensure any .CHT or .SCID files are in your Sierra Data folder. By default, they may download to your /Downloads folder.

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This product includes a chartbook(s) which are available for download immediately after purchase, with full access to the chartbook and/or studies included. Please do not re-distribute the exact files included.

Trading futures/crypto carries a high degree of risk, past performance is not indicative of future results, absolutely no tools or products sold should be considered financial advice or used in the decision making for investments or trading. For educational and entertainment purposes only.

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