Notion template: Trader Business Dashboard Pro

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The ultimate trading business dashboard template PRO version is here! Traders can instantly download this highly functional, easy-to-navigate, and highly intuitive template to centralize any trading business. Access and modify this template from your computer, mobile, or iPad on the go.

This template aims to provide a useful and feature-rich dashboard that eliminates both hours of repetitive switching between different applications and eliminates scrambling to find business material or databases scattered across computers and other programs. This may save potentially hundreds of hours over time and leave you excited to attend to trading business matters and daily journaling.

This is an upgraded version of my most popular 5-star rated product the Ultimate Trading Dashboard and I used feedback and requests from other happy users to compile this end-to-end template for today's trader.

This Notion template includes:

  • Intuitive daily and weekly journal with multiple tags to track and analyze process performance
  • Updated Task Kanban and added Tasks to the homepage
  • Customizable key news and events table and calendar. CSV driven. Never forget about a key event again
  • Auto-update Twitter feed
  • Updated system outline general plan template
  • New detailed "Setup" template for playbooking trade ideas [not advice]
  • Useful Resource page loaded with bookmarks
  • Database for storing backtesting results
  • Milestone and Goal tracking template
  • Practice trading drills template
  • Delayed price tracker chart (crypto BTC, ETH, SOL. Or use your own)
  • Added database template for symbol or stock data
  • Pinned notes page for quick notes and storing material for later sorting
  • Built-in tutorial page for Help, and comes with lifetime updates on this dashboard
  • + Much more

More about 3 key of the key features of this template:

1. Setups. A detailed and organized template to playbook a trade, store associated files, and also quickly access various other playbook related pages. I believe Notion offers the cleanest layout for documenting trading setups. Available with multiple views, and comes with a basic system outline template covering many elements you might expect in a playbook setup.

2. Journal. The average leading journaling tools cost $50 USD/month, or $600/year. This template is less and has zero recurring costs as buyers own the template for personal use. With the journal template you can input daily trading material, save pictures, track performance, and select or filter custom tags for later analysis. Dozens of tags for assigning details and performance each trading day. The most powerful feature is using the filter option to sort particular data such as:
a) FOMC Meeting. Analyzer performance on days with that tag, maybe there is a pattern of making more or less than usual on FOMC days.
b) Save4Later. I use this tag for certain days I know I'll want to refer to later. Easily navigate through hundreds of entries in a stunning and clean layout.
Room for pre-market notes, charts, trade execution, performance pasted, and notes.
The Journal template DOES NOT replace a trade log performance analyzer.

3. Task Kanban. Traders are ideally always trying to grow. Organize everything in Notion, and use the drag and drop Kanban to stay on top of tasks and modify task status/priority. Multiple task templates are included that can be duplicated or used as templates.

Note: For those newer to Notion or having never tried it, keep in mind it does NOT take much time to understand functionality and how to use Notion daily. Basic tasks are very user-friendly and there is a wide range of support, community, and tutorials online.

1. Follow the Notion link provided upon checkout

2. At the top right-hand corner, click "Duplicate"

3. A Free notion account is required to use this template. The template should now be available from your Notion

Or visit: for help.

It is important to know that while this template contains a journal and database for recording trades, it's recommended to analyze and sort trade metrics using another program or service. This template is NOT highly focused on trade performance metrics and individual trades solely in Notion. All sample charts and sample data should be replaced by the user

[NOT for professional use, this is a basic starter template for personal use. Please do not redistribute this material]

This product includes a custom Notion template which is immediately available after purchase by following the provided link, with full access to the template. Please do not re-distribute the exact files included. Template is not associated with Notion Labs Inc in any way. Trading futures/crypto carries a high degree of risk, past performance is not indicative of future results, and absolutely no tools or products sold should be considered financial advice or used in the decision making for investments or trading. For educational and entertainment purposes only. This product does not offer any strategy or ideas for decisions made in markets or personal finance. No page, database, or information provided from the template should be used for investment decision making.


Ultimate Trading Business Dashboard Pro

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Notion template: Trader Business Dashboard Pro

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