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Dialogue Igniters: LLM Prompts for Traders

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Dialogue Igniters: Empowering Traders with Provocative Prompts.

Leverage LLMs and ChatGPT to elevate a wide range of skills and tools that professional traders use. Trading is similar to running a business that has many different moving pieces, and the prompts provided in this material offers a wide range of useful and thought provoking prompts that traders can use to save time and improve tools used.

By the end you will have experience in:

  • Leverage LLMs for planning, writing scripts, and fixing bugs for coding in most programming languages on a basic level
  • Learn how to use LLM to assist in building a trading GUI web or desktop application without existing coding knowledge
  • Use tested prompts for trading tasks such as: data projects, API connections, and historical outcomes


  • Master list of prompts
  • Using LLM walkthrough of building a trade analyzer GUI
  • More informative pages for leveraging LLMs and ChatGPT

Instant access upon purchase. The page can be duplicated/downloaded or viewed on the web page provided.

1. Follow the Notion link provided upon checkout

2. If you want to download your own copy: At the top right-hand corner, click "Duplicate"

3. A Free notion account is required to download this template, but no account required to view web page.

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Last updated Jun 1, 2023

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Dialogue Igniters: LLM Prompts for Traders

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